Facade studio is an aerated concrete filled with life

The house is a melody of the soul, reflected for centuries. The home of your dream can become a reality, and our decisions and materials will help you in it.

One can safely assert that the decoration of the front of the house is a kind of a business card, the face of its owner. That is why the design of the facades is one of the main components of the house design.

The facade studio offers a wide choice of milled structural and decorative elements of facades, which can create incredible architectural compositions, open new ideas for creating interesting solutions of the facades’ decoration of both new buildings and the restoration of old ones…

We produce rectilinear profiles, curvilinear profiles, corner elements, 3D elements, bas-reliefs. All profiles are of different sizes and configurations. The unlimited possibilities of our production will help you in the house’s decoration. It all depends on your imagination and desires.

For making milled elements, we use YTONG aerated concrete blocks, which consist of natural components, therefore YTONG is recognized worldwide as an environmentally friendly, non-toxic building material. Physico-chemical and working properties of the material determine the wide range of use of such products in the structural and decorative elements of buildings and structures in any climatic zones. Today Ytong blocks are the best solution in terms of technology, economy and environment.