Bas-relief from aerated concrete blocks is a new trend in decorating the facades of buildings

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Do you think, the issues of decorating the facades of buildings does not have fashion trends? You are mistaken, because the processing of walls from the outside is also carried out in the light of the latest design decisions.

If most recently the main place in this issue was plaster with a characteristic appearance, which the people called the “lamb”, today the fashion has changed dramatically. Although facade processing in this way continues to be used frequently, designers, however, recommend those who want to be “in trend” pay attention to a radically different option – the decoration of the house with bas reliefs. Such a facade creates a style of retrospective modern, which is now very popular not only in our country. Bas-reliefs is not a novelty in the finishing of the exterior, because they have been used for centuries, giving the house that particular refinement and emphasizing the sophisticated taste of its owner.

Today, for the manufacture of such decorative elements, blocks from aerated concrete are used, and there are several reasons for this:

– they are easily processed, giving the possibility to create any geometric shape or relief;

– this material has a small weight, so it does not load the facade, making it less stable;

– the aerated concrete perfectly “feels” itself in a frost or burning sun, it is not afraid of rain, snow, wind;

– can create additional heat and noise isolation;

– and most importantly – its appearance is very similar to a natural stone, which highlights the facade.

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