Aerated concrete or clinker brick in the decoration of the house: four main arguments

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Construction and decoration of the dwelling facade is a very serious and responsible moment, especially in the selection of materials for the implementation of all processes. Today, the market has enough offers for future homeowners, so the question is more difficult than even some 15-20 years ago. The clinker brick is traditionally used for this purpose. However, modern technology allows you to get more versatile materials that have more advantages. In particular, aerated concrete in comparison with it has several important argumentated advantages:

  1. High quality aerated concrete costs less than a high-quality clinker brick, despite the fact that it is very difficult to find the last relevant level;
  2. The brick is thirteen times smaller, therefore, aerated concrete blocks are required much less, and the processing of the facade with their help requires little effort, and most importantly – time;
  3. The use of aerated concrete does not require additional insulation. If the brick is used for this purpose, then the building without a heat-insulating layer will be quite cold due to the loss of heat in the walls. In addition, aerated concrete also provides sound insulation, which is especially relevant in multi-apartment buildings;
  4. The thermal conductivity of the blocks of porous concrete is better, although the thermal capacity of the brick still deserves more attention.

The brick has been on the market for more than five centuries, while aerated concrete was used for the first time only 80 years ago. Its already studied characteristics convinced that it duly competes with other building and decorative materials, and in some way even overwhelms them.

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