Production and benefits of Ytong aerated concrete

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The Swedish scientist Axel Eriksson patented the Ytong aerated concrete production technology in 1924. On an industrial scale, Ytong blocks were manufactured in 1929. In the following decades, the prosperity of the production of aerated concrete began. Blocks began to be produced on the territory of Germany and Poland. These years are dated from the beginning of the true technology development for the production of blocks of porous concrete.

For the production of Ytong blocks, natural raw materials are used: sand, lime, water and a small amount of cement and anhydrite. Foaming agent – an aluminum paste, reacting with calcium hydroxide, loosens the mass, allowing the formation of millions of small pores. Very careful selection of raw materials and a well-adjusted technological process with computer control of the system of dosage allows producing a homogeneous material with very high and stable working characteristics.

The Ytong aerated concrete combines two of the most important properties for the house: strength and thermal insulation, which guarantee millions of small pores.

All Ytong products are characterized by very high vapor permeability. Buildings made of single-layer technology from Ytong elements provide an appropriate level of humidity without condensation of water vapor inside the wall.

Both single-layer and double-layer walls, built in this technology, guarantee optimal microclimate of apartments and are characterized by slow heat output. This ensures high thermal comfort of the premises: in winter it is warm, in summer – cool.

Ytong is a durable material that allows the construction of structural walls of buildings to 3-4 floors. Ytong blocks are the ideal material for single-layer walls in a private single-family building.

The warmest and most up-to-date products from the Ytong series are the Ytong Energo blocks. These blocks are made of light porous concrete PP2 / 0, 35 and combine three basic characteristics of building materials: strength, lightness and thermal insulation. Ytong Energo allows the installation of the warmest single-layer walls without additional insulation.

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